Welcome to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

728 Mountain Road, Stowe Vermont 05672

On the urging of Maria von Trapp, ground for the present church building was broken in 1948.

The first Mass in this building was held on March 6,1949. In 1954,it became an independent parish. For the prior 50 years, Blessed Sacrament was a mission to Morrisville. Mass was celebrated in the local town hall basement.

Two young Burlington architects, Whittier and Goodrich, designed the church building. The windows, walls and ceilings were painted and decorated by internationally renowned French artist Andre Girard. The paintings depict the life of Brother Dutton, a native of Stowe.

In 2005 the church was renovated and expanded while conserving its architectural heritage.

Blessed Sacrament Church was built on the property that formally belonged to the farm on which Brother Dutton was born. The church is dedicated to him.